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Torture Garden Berlin September Ball

When: 7. September 2024

Where: METROPOL Berlin

Nollendorfplatz 5, 10777 Berlin, Germany

Please read the Etiquette and Dresscode below

before purchasing a Ticket.

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METROPOL / 9pm – 7am


Torture Garden Berlin are pleased to announce that they will be returning to Metropol for another night of debauchery, extravagance and excitement. Expect incredible performers, incomparable international DJs - and the chance to be whatever version of yourself you choose, while exploring a new dimension. For those seeking an experience beyond the norm, step into our world. 

This is an extreme fetish event for those seeking an experience beyond the norm; we invite you to step into our world.




The Torture Garden Spring Ball is set in a palace of opulent splendour; across 3 floors, Metropol provides a perfect canvas for Torture Garden.


We will have the legendary Lolo Brow presiding over proceedings and multiple acts of debauchery from these incredible performers:

Suka Off: This legendary Polish-based art collective have been performing amazing shows combining unique visual theatre, body art, & analogue & audio-visual techniques for the past 3 decades.

Sebastian Stamm: This Berlin based artist needs to be seen to believed. He's mastered the art of Chinese Pole to a degree beyond what is humanly possible or seems credible.

Many More Shows & Performers & Instillations TBA.

DJs: The soundtrack to the night will be provided by the tech house and techno vibes of Wawings with Mama Stylist & Brother of Set, Nuria, Minja and Rest My Chemistry!


Venture into a world of endless possibilities & encounters at the Metropol venue:

ROOM 1 - Main arena: Where our performances will take place

ROOM 2 - Elephant Room: A fully equipped dungeon where you can indulge your desires in a safe space, supervised by our in-house TG Berlin Dungeon Monitors.

ROOM 3 - Second Dance Floor: Playing eclectic mixes from 80s & 90s, EBM, goth and dark wave anthems.

ROOM 4 - ‘Couples Room’: As Berlin has a progressive approach to relationships, Torture Garden will relax our strict ‘couples only’ policy for this space to instead be ‘no singles’. Located on the second floor balcony, this area offers an opportunity for people to share their intimate feelings in an area monitored by TG staff, who will ensure that any breaches of fetish etiquette are appropriately addressed.

ROOM 5 - Separee (Smoking Area): Located off the Main Hall is a separate bar/lounge area. The decor of the room is extremely elegant with a hint of the ‘Babylon Berlin’ Weimar era.


1) Ensure you read the etiquette and dress-code prior to purchasing tickets

2) Smoking is restricted to designated areas in this venue.

3) We are unable to offer refunds or exchanges if you are unable to make the event.

4) If you miss your entry time slot, there is a 10€ penalty to be paid in cash per person.


The Torture Garden Berlin September Ball is set in a palace, boasting opulent splendour across three floors: Metropol provides the perfect canvas for this event.

Those of you that have attended any of our previous events will be able to testify that they are not simply a Torture Garden event happening in Berlin, or a regular Berlin Scene Party happening with the name of Torture Garden.

Torture Garden Berlin is truly a unique fusion of the world’s leading fetish club, from the world’s fetish capital, perfectly combined in unison with the world’s largest, most diverse and hedonistic capital city, where pushing boundaries is not only permitted but expected by Berliners.

From the point of its conception, Torture Garden has known, and continues to emphasise, that it is the audience that makes our events what they are.

We merely provide the ‘canvas’, offering environments that allow people to express their imagination and creativity. The results of this are astounding. Amazing outfits; a celebration of the significance of cultural diversity and sub cultures; and of course, the appreciation of the value of freedom of expression which informs the attitudes, values, thinking and ultimately the behaviour of our guests, allowing them to participate and make their mark (or stain) in the continuing Torture Garden legacy.

So, are you ready to join this community at the world’s largest fetish club? If you read and abide by our code of conduct, we’ll get along just fine!

We are a wonderful, close knit community that has existed for so long because we promote a respectful and safe environment for people to express the most extreme version of themselves and push their boundaries!

If this excites you, but you’re new to the scene and unsure where to start, then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to help you out. However, if you think we’re just a sex party where you can gawp at/touch up all the beautiful people in skimpy outfits… Well, we really aren’t for you.


We are an extreme fetish event, with a strict dress-code which applies to all attendees.

We insist on this strict dress-code not to be mean, elitist or pretentious, but due to the fact that the success of Torture Garden is down to our audience: the level of effort and thought that they put into their outfits for the night.

You do not need to buy expensive outfits or dress in latex, you can use your imagination or simply enjoy your body. Be imaginative and express yourself.

Torture Garden is a place for you to be the most extravagant version of yourself – the club should look like a scene from a movie rather than a fancy-dress party!

If you can wear your outfit to a regular party, or travel on public transport without being stared at, then it’s a good sign that you won’t be dressed up enough for Torture Garden. And if you aren’t sure about what you’re wearing, please feel free to check with us before the night.

We strictly enforce the dress-code policy on the door and don’t make exceptions!

Items that are 100% not allowed to be worn in to the club include:

• Jeans or denim (any colour, including black)

• Regular suits

• Cotton shirts and t-shirts

• Cheap and cheesy fancy dress

• Sexy party dresses that could be worn to any nightclub

• Cotton underwear/boxer shorts

• Camo trousers/street camo

• Regular black fabric trousers, shorts and skirts

An easy way to get outfit inspiration is to check out the galleries on our social media:



No photography, including selfies.

Photos can only be taken by a photographer with an official TG pass.

Some events have a designated photo booth area.

• Do not touch anyone without permission. If you do not understand consent, this isn’t the party for you.

• We have a zero-tolerance policy for pushy or non-consensual behaviour of any kind. This applies to everyone, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation etc.

• No verbal or physical harassment will be tolerated.

If you’re unsure of dungeon etiquette, please read the signs or ask a member of staff.

Problems at the club are rare! If you do experience any issues then please report it to a member of staff immediately, and we will be happy to assist.

There are roller banners and signs all around the club, clearly displaying all of the club rules, dungeon etiquette and dress code requirements.

There is no excuse not to be aware of these rules on the night.




The use of mobile phones is permitted at events.

Filming & taking of photos is forbidden unless you are in a designated ‘selfie area’.

Photographs can be taken by official photographers. Consent will be established verbally & by the fact you have posed for the image. Images may feature on our official website event gallery and / or social media pages.

Consent can be withdrawn at any point & images will be removed by contacting us at

Videography is likely to take place at our events & will be used for promotional purposes.

Guests will not feature in the video unless verbal consent is established.

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