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  • Do I need to buy tickets in advance?
    Yes, 95% of TG parties sell out in advance. Events such as Halloween/Valentines sell out quite far in advance, so it is very rare that we have tickets for sale on the door.
  • Is Torture Garden open every night, or just the dates on the website?
    We are an event rather than a venue. This means we don’t have a permanent space, so the dates on the websites are the only dates that we have parties.
  • I can't find a specific event for sale on the site - is it sold out?
    All events go on sale approx. 2 months before the event. If you don’t see the event you want to go to in the EVENTS section of the website, then it isn’t on sale yet. If an event is sold out, it will say this when you click on the “buy tickets” link.
  • Once a party is sold out, will there be tickets available on the door/ at other outlets/ can I still get in?
    Once an event is sold out it means we are full to capacity. There will be no tickets available anywhere – including on the door. If we have sold out well in advance, we may start a waiting list for any returned tickets. We’ll post information for how to join the waiting list (and how to return tickets) in the event information on our website, and on the Facebook event page, for the party in question. Please do not risk buying second hand e-tickets via ticket sites, Gumtree etc. If you show up with a fake or duplicate ticket to a sold out party, we will not be able to sell you a replacement. The waiting list is the only way we can guarantee you’ll get a legitimate ticket for a sold out party. Most tickets only get returned to us on the week of the party when people find they can no longer attend, so that’s when we are generally able to offer tickets to the waiting list. Please note that the waiting list/returns system is something that we run on an unofficial capacity, if a party sells out far enough in advance for it to be viable. It is set up as a courtesy to help prevent customers buying fake tickets for sold out parties, and we are otherwise unable to offer ticket returns.
  • Do I need to come to the event with my outfit on or can I change at the venue?
    Some guests find travelling to the venue in their costume either impractical or uncomfortable. You can change into your outfit at the venue but we will need to to see what you are planning to wear; you'll be asked to show this at the door.
  • Is there a wardrobe / cloakroom at the venue?
    Yes, the venue has a wardrobe / cloakroom that can accommodate bags and coats.
  • What shoes can I wear?
    Your shoes should match your outfit, but we recommend that they be comfortable. Gym shoes (trainers solely aimed at sports) are not considered to be part of a fetish outfit. We do allow people to change into gym shoes later if necessary because they are dancing or while travelling to and from the venue.
  • Can I get a refund or sell my ticket?
    We only offer ticket refunds once the event sells out and we can resell your ticket. This condition is specified at the point the prior to the ticket being purchased. We strongly discourage the buying of tickets offered for resale unless you know the seller. Most tickets being offered for sale by people even on our own social media platforms are fake. Whilst we do our best to police this, scalpers are persistent and when these messages are removed they are often immediately replaced by another fake message offering tickets using a different name. Therefore our best advice for you is to avoid resale tickets entirely.
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